Oh so girly♥

Who owns this account?

This account was made by Becky, then Brie  and Kenya came along♥

You used my picture, can you give me credit?

Of course, just message me!

I love your blog, your pictures are so cute, etc.

We appreciate these very much but we probably won’t respond because we get so many messages a day.

I hate your blog, this is horrible, etc. 

Messages like this will get deleted.

What do we use to edit our photos?

We use photoshop.

Where do you find your pictures?

Weheartit or google or just pictures off tumblr.

What fonts do you use?

Sorry we don’t give that information out!

Whats our theme?

Theme was made by Mirnah and edited by Becky :)


****We realize some of the pictures we post not only are meant for girls but for guys as well. Justgirlythings is just a name please don’t over exaggerate the meaning behind it***