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*Important: PLEASE READ*

We really wish blogs making fun or copying our blog didn’t exist. 

Honestly, our blog is not hurting anybody. If you do not like our blog, simply do not look at it. Do not talk about it. DO NOT make comments about how bad it is or how much you hate it.

Because honestly, we have put months and months into making our blog perfect. And we know there are people who could care less about it or don’t agree with it, but there are 260,000+ girls/followers who love our blog, can relate to our blog, and count on us to make posts each and every day! 

We do not make posts, nor did we create this blog, for the haters. 

If anyone sees any posts that are rude, or out of line, but HASN’T been posted on our blog originally, than we did not make that post. People are trying to make our blog look bad, when it is a simple and happy blog that is not affecting or hurting anybody out there. We do not make posts that offend people. We make posts that make people all over the world, including ourselves, happy. 

Thank you for reading. Please take this message into consideration. 

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